What is Google Voice Number?

What is Google Voice Number?

What is Google Voice Number?

Google Voice Number is a virtual number which can be used to make free calls and send free messages. It provides services like anonymous voicemail, voicemail transcription, call recording. Anyone can have a Google Voice number by just getting in contact with Google support.

It is easy to get a free Google voice number. For new users, you need to sign-in your google account first. Then you can easily get a free GV number from there. For existing users, you can get a free GV number from “Settings” option in your google voice account.

You can give a new ring to the GV number by selecting a new phone, or you can add it to an existing one. After that, you will be given a verification code and by entering the verification code you will be associated with the new GV number.

Google Voice Number Features

It is easy to access the GV number from your computer or cell phone. The GV number gives you the facility to send free messages, make calls at no cost with no limitations. You can use any of your Android or iOS device to access Google Voice.

You have the option to block the GV number from receiving text messages or calls. This is useful when you want to access the virtual number of google voice from your computer, but without any interruption using mobile phones.

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What is Google Voice Number Used for?

Google voice is used for several purposes. It can be used to give an individual or company a new number which will be like the virtual numbers of Google Voice. Google voice has its own advanced features which gave it a reputation to be used as a VoIP service.

You can use this google number for online based transactions. You can add your virtual number on your Adsense account, or eBay accounts. In this way Google voice messages will not be send to your physical number, but only to the virtual number.

You can give this number to your lovely or near ones so that they can contact you through this number. You need not remember the long numbers, but can use the short and easy to remember GV number.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can get your Google Voice number and phone number details from the google voice account. Your account acts like a virtual phone, and it will provide details of the number which is with google.
Google Voice is free for all users, and you can get your Google Voice number from google. Your virtual number will be with you just as a US number. You can use this phone number for making calls, sending text messages and voicemail.
When you call a Google Voice number, it will forward the calls to your physical phone. In this way you can use the GV number for making calls without incurring any charges.
Yes, when you send text messages to google voice number, they will be forwarded to your phone. This is the facility of Google Voice that when you send text messages to your virtual number, they will be sent to your physical device which you provided while creating the Google voice phone.
Yes, it is totally safe to use your Google voice number. However it is recommended that you should not reveal the GV number to others. You can give the GV number to your near and dear ones, but you should not reveal that information to anyone else. You should be very careful while using the GV number.

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