Is Google Voice a Real Phone Number?

Is Google Voice a Real Phone Number?

Google Voice is not technically a phone number, it’s just an app that sends and receives calls and texts through your existing phone number. Which means it’s not a real telephone service like Verizon or AT&T, but it is a real phone number. It can even receive calls from landlines and other cell phones, but it will only ring the number that’s linked to your account (except when you’re traveling internationally).

Is Google Voice a Real Phone Number?

For incoming calls, Google Voice works even when you’re traveling overseas or are using a different number, which can be great for keeping in touch with friends. It’s not really meant to replace your existing phone service, though, so Google Voice Number won’t work on most smartphones.

For sending text messages, it works even if your phone is offline or without an Internet connection. It also doesn’t require any contracts or other agreements.

Google Voice comes with a website to manage your number and account, a Google Voice Android app, a Gmail plugin for sending messages via email, and a Google Voice voicemail feature to transcribe voice messages into text.

The app can be downloaded through Android Market, but you’ll need an invitation code before you can sign up.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Google Voice doesn't work with landlines, so if you can't or don't want to transfer your number to Google then you'll need to get a new one through Google Voice. A new number can be associated with your Gmail address and you can even transfer your number to Google Voice at a later time.
Google Voice is a cell phone service, but it's not a standard cell phone service. It can't connect to a mobile network, which is why it's not a mobile number. If you're looking for the cheapest service, then Google Voice might be your best bet because you can send and receive unlimited texts via email. However, if you want to save on minutes, it's better to get a pay-as-you-go phone or just use prepaid minutes.
Google Voice is not an alternative for your current phone service, so it won't show up on caller ID. If you upload your real number to Google Voice, it might show up on caller ID if someone has the number saved. That said, Google Voice does give you the option of giving out a new number instead of your real one, which is good for getting out of sticky situations. And if you don't want to give away your personal number either, you can always change the phone number that Google Voice texts are sent to.
Google Voice is not a separate phone number, it's an app that works through your existing cell phone service or landline.
No, Google Voice doesn't show up on caller ID so it won't be displayed on a call or text message. Nor can someone find your email address by using Google Voice. Google Voice doesn't give out your email address to strangers, but it does ask for permission to send you emails when someone leaves a voicemail or sends you a text message. By default, anyone can send you texts or voicemail messages via Google Voice, but you can filter the messages by selecting which email addresses can send you messages through Google Voice.

Final Words:

So what do you think? Useful or not? What is your take on the whole Google Voice thing? If you have any other doubts, just leave me a comment below.

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