How Many Google Voice Numbers Can I have on One Account?

How Many Google Voice Numbers Can I have on One Account?

Google Voice is a great service for anyone, but it comes with certain limitations. One of them being that you are limited to only one Google Voice account per Google Account. This is because of the fact that your phone number, which you must give up to use Google Voice, becomes associated with your phone number in Google’s system.

How Many Google Voice Numbers Can I have on One Account?

If you were to set up another account, it would not be able to use that phone number because Google would not be able to associate it with the first account.

Even if you are willing to part ways with your Google Voice number, there is still only one Google Voice account you can have per device. For example, if you are using Google Voice on your phone, the only place you will be able to use it is on that phone. If you want the calls forwarded to your tablet or computer, you will not be able to do so unless you have another device.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you have 2 google voice numbers on the same phone?

Yes, but after a call comes in from one number to the other, Google will associate both numbers to that device. There is a way around this by either having a Gmail voice account and a non-Gmail voice account, or making two different gmail accounts.

How many linked numbers can you have on Google Voice?

Theoretically, you can have as many numbers as you want linked to your account. The only caveat would be if Google performs a large-scale re-enrollment of their users. In this case, some accounts may be removed due to inactivity and you will not know until it has happened.

You can check the number of linked numbers associated to your account by logging into Voice and looking in Settings, Account Info. If there is one number, you are all clear. If there is more than one number, Google may remove from from your account from time to time.

Can I have two different phone numbers on the same account?

Yes. You can link as many different numbers to your Google Voice account as you want. The only caveat would be if you try to use the same number on more than one device at once. If you do, Google will adjust your settings and make it so you can only use one of those devices at a time.

Can I have 3 Google Voice numbers?

Theoretically, yes. Google only allows one per account (with the exception of having a Gmail voice account and a regular voice account). However, if you want to switch your number, you will need to use another device.

Either way, Google is less likely to disable accounts of people who frequently switch numbers unless the user is abusing the system.

What happens if you set up an Google Voice account and do not use it?

Google will periodically re-enroll users into Google Voice. This ensures that all their devices are properly associated with the account and numbers can be forwarded properly. The catch is that if the account is set up and not used, it could eventually be removed from your Google Account without you knowing.

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