How do I make Outgoing Calls with Google Voice?

How do I make Outgoing Calls with Google Voice?

How do I make Outgoing Calls with Google Voice?

Google Voice is a free service that acts as a phone number for your mobile device. Users can choose a local number from any U.S. state, and then make free local and long-distance calls from anywhere in the U.S.

Google Voice can also be used as a free online telephony service; making outbound calls using your Google Voice number accounts.

Making an outgoing call is easy with our app, simply click on the Call button next to the contact you want to call.

Once selected, our app will automatically display your Google Voice number within the dialer.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Of course! You can make free outbound calls with Google Voice to any number in the U.S including landline and mobile phones. Google voice is great but sometimes we want to bypass the dialer and directly call a contact.
No! Outgoing calls with Google Voice are free, you can call as many numbers as you want for free with our app. If you want to call international destinations, Google Voice charges a small fee depending on the country that you are calling.
Incoming calls with Google voice will ring directly to your phone. You can also pick up from a computer or mobile device. Your contacts can also be added directly to your Google Voice phonebook, the app will then call you when they are in your Google Voice phonebook.Outgoing calls are placed with your Google Voice number instead of the regular mobile carrier's number, this means that you can be reached on your Google Voice number even if you are not connected to the internet.
You must be connected to the Internet to place an Outgoing call, but your Outgoing calls will continue even if you are not connected to the internet.
Yes, outgoing calls to non-US numbers are allowed by Google Voice but they are subject to higher fees.

Final Words:

To make outgoing calls with Google Voice all you need is the app and a Gmail account. The free service can save you a lot of money if you are regularly making calls to landlines or mobile numbers outside your regular carrier’s coverage area. Keep in mind that you will need access to the Internet in order to make calls with Google Voice.

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